Max Remy is an 11 year old schoolgirl (she turns 13 in part 10: The Final Curtain) whose workaholic PR mother leaves her with her eccentric uncle and aunt over the school holiday break.

Cranky and determined to have a bad time in the bush, she meets a farmboy called Linden, and despite Max’s reluctance to accept his friendship, she is soon won over by his charm and humour.  She also discovers that her uncle and aunt aren’t country hicks, but brilliant scientists on the verge of creating a Time and Space Machine!

There are 10 Max Remy adventures in the series.  In them, Max and Linden are invited to become part of the elite intelligence agency called Spyforce.  As secret agents fighting bad guys across the globe, they are lowered into giant vats of green jelly, plunged into a terrifying Nightmare Vortex, swept over huge waterfalls and dangled from the top of the Eiffel Tower by an evil genius.

Perfect for 8 - 12 year olds, Max Remy is published around the world and being enjoyed by children everywhere.

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