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Johnny Warren was one of Australia's soccer greats and the first captain to take the Socceroos to the World Cup in 1974.


He was passionate about everything to do with soccer and wanted to write a kids' series about the beautiful game but wasn't sure how to do it, so Deb was asked to be the author and she immediately said yes!


Except she knew nothing about soccer.


She interviewed Johnny and asked him everything he knew about the game: the rules, his best and worst times, his best and worst moves....everything. Deb took all she was told and wrote the Jasper Zammit series. The books follow Jasper, his best friend Lil and their team, the Rovers, as they train hard, play their best and make life long friendships along the way - just like the Socceroos really!


Full of soccer tips and anecdotes from Johnny Warren and full-on training sessions and heart stopping matches from Deb, Jasper Zammit is perfect for girls and boys who love their soccer.


This series is dedicated to Johnny who died in 2004.


'So great you can’t put them down.' Josh, age 11

'Terrific tension and a fascinating plot make this a fab read.’

Janet Tanby, Liverpool Echo, 2006, England UK

“I really enjoyed this book. After I read the first chapter, I had to keep reading.’ Rebecca Handley age 12


Johnny Warren
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