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Children's Author & Teacher


The Final Thrilling Book In The GRIMSDON SERIES

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Deb wrote Grimsdon because she was angry that governments around the world weren't addressing the issue of climate change.


Then she was harassed by kids to write New City and after even more kid harassment, she wrote the third and last book, Final Storm. 

There's wild weather, hoverboards, robots, rescue eagles and a teenager, called Aleksander Larsen, who is smart, kind, good-looking and likes Isabella Charm. Xavier can't stand him.

Read more about Grimsdon and New City here.

'The characters, the adventures, the emotion, the plot twists and turns - WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE!'

Jo Noble, Librarian, St Agatha's Catholic School, Clayfield

Mrs Kerry Gittins, Head Librarian, Renaissance International School


'Your book had me on the edge of my seat in every chapter.'

James, age 12, Sydney Grammar School



Spelling Bee read by an entire District in USA


Chosen for the One District One Book program, every family read the book in NJ, USA. Read what they got up to.

Deb Chats On 'Words and Nerds' Podcast


Deb enjoyed chating with Dani Vee, Head Teacher English, podcaster, reader, writer and book enthusiast, all about writing. Have a listen here.

Deb chats with author extraordinaire,Adrian Beck

The Stupendously Spelling Bee and The Most Marvellous Spelling Bee Mystery

Deb has her shark onesie on and her favourite orange blanket and she is ready to read to you the first chapter from The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee...a story about a shy girl whose too afraid to follow her dreams and the family who help make them happen.

'The irrepressible Wimple family returns. Merriment and edification mark this story of bravery, friendship, and logophilia.'

Kirkus Reviews, USA.

Humorous and poignant, this title will inspire readers with its kind, courageous heroine. School Library Journal, USA

5/5 This has to be one of the best children's books that I have read this past year! Goodreads

Read aloud to a middle primary class, they will enjoy the quirky characters, solving the mystery and Abela's celebration of the English language. Rhyllis Bignell. ReadPlus

This is a story that’s less about a spelling bee, and more about friendship, and standing up for one another, and most importantly standing up – and believing in —  yourself. Verushka Byrow Reading Time

Wolfie Paperback Release no logo.png

Wolfie Returns!

(in paperback)

Wolfie is celebrating his release in paperback. Especially as he gets another chance to finally prove to the world that, unlike wolves in other fairytales, he is a TRUE HERO!

Trust him! He's also excited to be part of

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

To find out more about Wolfie and how much of a good, all round wolf he is, have a peek here.

This is a unique, hilarious story about trying to change your image which will appeal to all sorts of ages for all sorts of reasons. Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian OZTLNET 

A great addition to your collection for all those units on fairy tales – traditional or otherwise. Sue Warren, Librarian

'...a real page-turner that demands to be read and then read again and again. Kids Book Review

I finished reading Teresa in class with my first year secondary class students. You should have seen them, they all stood up and clapped as if they were watching a film. Thank you for the lovely book with a great story.

St Joseph's School, Malta

Teresa is an outstanding addition to the New Australian series. Aussie Reviews

A fascinating historical novel ... insightful and entertaining. Sunday Telegraph

Teresa gives us a wonderful character who shares her family’s journey through the excitement, frustration and joys of becoming Australian. Thanks for a great read. Jackie Hawkes, Teacher/Librarian


Adrian Beck is a TV producer, writer and incredible author. He and Deb chatted about all things writing and Final Storm. Have a look here.

Premier's Reading Challenge


Deb is so lucky to be a NSW Premiers' Reading Challenge ambassador with the incredible Susanne Gervay and Oliver Phommavanh. Have you signed up to meet the challenge?

Find out all about it here

Deb Loves Visiting Schools

Deb is a trained teacher and has lead talks, workshops and PD sessions for teachers for over 18 yrs. Click here to find out more.

Room to Read

700 million people in the world can't read and most are girls and women. Educating a kid in the world's poorest countries costs $1 a day. Can you help us raise money to send kids to school? Find out more here.

The Oldest Lending Library in Australia

Deb talks about her books for the Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts, the oldest lending library in Australia. Have a peek here.

Spelling Bee In the USA

​Deb is so excited that India Wimple and her family are in the USA!

Find out more here.

Most Marvellous US 3D.jpg

Spelling Bee In MALTA

​The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee was launched in Malta in October, in Maltese!

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